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  • Home
  • Big Art Team
  • Centres
    • Navi Mumbai
    • Thane
  • Courses
    • Fine Art
      • Diploma in Fine Art ? 6 months
      • Drawing and Painting Course ? 6 Months
      • New Generation Digital Painting -3 Months
    • Acting
      • Diploma in Film and TV Acting ? 9 Months ( Saturday and Sunday)
      • Diploma in Theatre Acting ? 6 Months
      • Full Time Acting Course -3 months
      • Certificate Course in Acting -1 Month
    • Graphics Designing
      • Graphic Designing Software ? 4 Months
      • Diploma in Graphic Designing ? 6 Months
    • Photography
      • Advance Diploma in Digital Photography ? 6 Months
      • Basics of Photography -2 Months Course
      • Digital Photo Editing ? 2 Months Course
      • Photography Crash Course for Beginners ? 10 days
      • Photography workshops -2 Days
    • Animation/ VFX/ Game Design/ Editing
      • Digital painting -2 Days workshop
      • Workshop in Acting ? 2Days
      • workshop in Landscape watercolour Painting ? 2Days
      • workshop in Photography- 2Days
      • Workshop in Acting and Confidence Building -3Days
      • Diploma in Film Editing and Compositing
    • Government Affiliated Course
      • Certificate Course in Digital Photography ? MSBVE Recognised
      • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Admission Calendar
    • Courses
    • Workshops and Tours
  • Online Competition
  • Online Products
    • Educational Product
  • Contact Us

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Institute of Fine Art

1.Diploma in Fine Art- 6 months 2.Drawing and Painting Course ?3 Months 3.New Generation Digital Painting-3 Months

Institute of Photography

1.Diploma Digital Photography 2.Basics of Photography?2 Months 3.Digital Photo Editing?2 Months 4.Photography for Beginners-10 Days 5.Workshop in Photography-2 days Product Photography Wedding Photoraphy Photo Journalism Wildlife Photography

Institute of Acting

1.Diploma in Film and TV Acting -9 Months 2.Diploma in Theatre Acting ?6 Months 3.Diploma -Theatre Acting-3 Months Daily 4.Certificate Course in Acting-1 Month

Institute of Graphics Designing

1.Diploma in Graphic Designing-6 Months 2.Graphic Designing Software-3 Months

Workshops in Acting/Photography/Digital Painting/Fine Art

1.Digital Painting -2 Days workshop 2.Workshop in Acting – 2 days 3.Landscape Watercolour Workshop 4.Workshop in Photography – 2 Days 5.Workshop in ACTING and Confidence Building 6.workshop in soft skill development

Digital Marketing Course

1. Certificate Course in Digital Marketing write my paper

Workshop and Tours

  • Rs.17700/- Book Online Book Now

    Online Drawing and painting Course -6 Month

  • Rs. 7100/- Book Online Book Now

    Intermediate & Elementary Drawing Tuition

  • Rs. 4000/- Book Online Book Now

    Photography Workshop -2 Days

  • Rs. 6000/-Book Online Book Now

    Photography Crash Course -10 Days


Student Work

  • Name: portrait Batch:
  • Name: acting Batch:
  • Name: Multimedia Seminar Batch: By Shweta Nikes
  • Name: Acting Class Batch:
  • Name: Foundation Batch: Photography
  • Name: Product Photography Batch: Photography
  • Name: 2016 Certificate distribution Batch: Fine Art
  • Name: Fashion Photography Class Batch: Photography Batch
  • Name: Students at work Batch: Portrait painting
  • Name: Sandesh Jadhav – Fashion Photographer Batch: Fashion Photography
  • Name: Bharat Nagarkar Batch: nature photography
  • Name: Acting Class Batch: Sangram Samel- Faculty
  • Name: watercolour Batch: landscape student work
  • Name: students work Batch: Real painting
  • Name: Model Making Batch: Art and Craft Teachers
  • Name: kailash Anyal Batch: painting workshop
  • Name: still life Batch: Fine Art
  • Name: still life painting Batch: Fine Art
  • Name: oil on canvas Batch: students at class
  • Name: portrait painting Batch: students work
  • Name: Graphic Design Batch: students at work
  • Name: Landscape Batch: navi mumbai Batch
  • Name: Pencil Sketch Batch: Student's work
  • Name: Student’s work Batch: Graphic Design Art work
  • Name: Graphic Designing Batch: Students of Graphic
  • Name: Yojana Dehenkar Batch: live Demo
  • Name: Yojana Dehenkar Batch: Live Demo
  • Name: Real Experience Batch: on site painting
  • Name: student’s work Batch: Fine Art Batch
  • Name: student’s work Batch: Fine Art
  • Name: varsha Ardhapurkar Batch: faculty -Fine Art
  • Name: landscape painting Batch: outdoor session
  • Name: Navi mumbai Center Batch: students at work
  • Name: outdoor work Batch: landscape Painting
  • Name: fine art batch Batch: sketching session
  • Name: Deepashree Batch: Faculty Fine Art
  • Name: Student 6 Batch: Batch 5
  • Name: Student 5 Batch: Batch 5
  • Name: Student 4 Batch: Batch 4
  • Name: Student 3 Batch: Batch 3
  • Name: Student 2 Batch: Batch 2
  • Name: Student 1 Batch: Batch


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Contact Us




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Download Prospectus

Download Prospectus 2017-18

Name: Email: Phone:
* All Fields are composulary.

Online Fee Payment

Online Fee Payment

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