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Szybki podgląd zawartości http://blogs.rediff.com/alyciaoshane5/2017/04/15/fashion-logos-representing-culture-and-professionalism/:

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    Fashion Logos Representing Culture and Professionalism April 15th, 2017 by alyciaoshane5
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    Fashion logos are a strong representative of the unique culture and level of professionalism of clothing and fashion companies. Developed by using a combination of colors, fonts, design treatments, graphic elements and themes, fashion logos can boost the image of a company by leaving a long-lasting impression in the minds of viewers and prospective customers. Why Fashion Logos?
    Fashion logos are essentially developed by all companies related to the fashion and clothing industry. They play an important role in establishing and strengthening the brand image of a company, since they form a part of all the products being produced and sold by it. Moreover, fashion logos are used on all formal communication between a clothing and fashion company and its associates or any other third party. Fashion logos need to be attractive as well as effective enough to provide the same impression on its various reproductions, such as letterheads, stationery, business cards, on the net or even on a clothing line. Attractive and good fashion logos are ones that set a company apart in this increasingly cultured and competitive marketplace. The attractiveness and uniqueness of a fashion IG60 Free jpg Security Logo Maker can highlight a company’s focus and attention on detail and designing. Eye catching and long-lasting fashion logos also symbolize a fashion and clothing company’s ability to mix and match various colors, designs and styles to make an attractive design. So fashion logos represent creativity, originality and style, factors that are integral to fashion companies. Essentials of Good Fashion Logos
    Fashion logos need to be stylish and radiate confidence and a well-defined visual identity. Here are certain tips for developing good fashion logos:
    The image used in fashion logos should communicate the style of a brand. Examples include logos of Nike and Versace, which include the emblem of the company or initials in a stylish manner.
    It is important to choose the right font. The character of the chosen font can be used to depict a unique style representing the company.
    Fashion logos should generally be designed by using high-impact colors, such as red, black, white and gold. These colors have an attractive and a positive appeal.
    Fashion logos should be reproducible on a variety of outputs, such as paper, clothes and the electronic medium. Fashion logos that truly represent a clothing or fashion company and its products, besides appealing to prospective and existing customers can significantly boost sales. Pixellogo Creative Designs has an expert team of graphic designers offering pre-designed and custom made logos for a wide variety of businesses, including those in the clothing and fashion industry.
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